Rwanda Safaris

Looking for a Safari in Rwanda? What is the trip of your dreams? Here are the different safaris in Rwanda carefully crafted to offer the best experience of this tiny country commonly refered to as the land of a thousand hills.

Create your personalized safari to Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. We are your expert guide to travel in Rwanda. With over 5 years of experience in organising safaris in Rwanda. we have proved to be the best tour operator who will provide you with the best quote for your vacations. Together we will build the trip of your dreams at the lowest price! It will be the trip built just for you and your family or friends in which we have removed everything you don’t ‘like, but keeping or adding anything you like, while respecting your budget.


It may be your family holiday or a tour with your friends, and looking for an unforgettable experience of watching wildlife! Our wildlife tours take you to either Uganda or Rwanda or both.


Rwanda is one of the best destinations in Africa for world gorilla tracking. The focus within our gorilla tours extends from finding the mountain gorilla to other species ……


We organize and lead wildlife tours in Uganda and Rwanda with unmatched skills and expertise. The wildlife holidays we offer, such as the big five safaris, our tours for ….