Gorilla Rwanda Safaris in Rwanda

Looking for a gorilla safari in Rwanda? Rwanda is one of the best destinations in Africa for mountain gorilla tracking. Gorillas are the most thought after attractions in the land of a thousand hills found it the northern part of the country in Volcanoes national park. The park covers an area of about 46 square miles and encompasses six volcanoes. Volcanoes is one of the Virunga regions which are share by three countries Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Cong. The part which Uganda shares is called Mgahinga National park, Virunga national park for DR Congo and Volcanoes for Rwanda. All these are destinations for mountain gorilla trekking safaris. Before one goes on a gorilla tour, you are required to book a gorilla tracking permit. The price of gorilla tracking permits differs per country, in DR Congo is at USD400, in Rwanda USD750, USD600 in Uganda. Below are some of the gorilla safari.


1 day gorilla

1 Day Gorilla Tour

Visit Volcanoes National park and visit gorillas in their natural habitat.

4 Days Double Gorilla Trek

Trek gorillas twice and track golden monkey in Volcanoes National park, visit the twin lakes and genocide memorials.

2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari

Trek gorillas in their natural habitat PNV and visit genocide memorials.

5 Days PNV and Bwindi Gorilla Trekking

Trek Gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda in their natural habitat of Volcanoes and Bwindi Parks.

3Days Rwanda Gorilla Adventure

Track golden monkey, trek gorillas in PNV and have a visit to the genocide.

7 Days Gorilla Trek Rwanda-Uganda

Tour Uganda Rwanda in just 7 days with a double gorilla trek.